A Year Ago Today

Last year, to the day, I crossed the threshold into my childhood home in California, with all my possessions from Colorado waiting patiently to be unpacked in the rented yellow Penske truck in our driveway. My dog was howling happily as she reacquainted herself with our other two dogs and my parents were bringing in … Continue reading A Year Ago Today

May Linkup

A while ago, I found the blog called "A Chronic Voice." I loved the articles the page shared on Facebook and after looking into the website further, I found these Linkup Parties, where chronic illness bloggers write about certain prompts each month. This will be my first time participating in a Linkup, and I'm excited … Continue reading May Linkup

Identity Crisis Round Two: Ways to Find Yourself

A few months ago, I went through an identity crisis. Again. The first one was when I was becoming ill; when I was losing so many parts of myself to my illnesses. This crisis, however, was different. I'd come to a point in my chronic illness recovery (or whatever the heck you want to call … Continue reading Identity Crisis Round Two: Ways to Find Yourself

What’s Working For Me Right Now (March 2019)

Last March I wrote a post about the medications, supplements, and treatments that were working for me at the time. A year later, I feel much more knowledgeable about what living with these illnesses look like for me and how I want to manage/treat them. Since May 2018, I've moved back home to Southern California, … Continue reading What’s Working For Me Right Now (March 2019)

Is Two Better Than One?: The MCAS & POTS Connection

I was looking for quotes for this blog post when I came across this one from the movie  Contact, "Why build one when you can build two at twice the price?" Translated to chronic illness terms, I think it could go something like this: Why have one syndrome, when you can have two with twice the … Continue reading Is Two Better Than One?: The MCAS & POTS Connection